Fee Structure


Our office can provide a single service listed above or a combination of services depending on your needs and priorities.  After deciding to hire Personal Tax Solutions, LLC for representation, we will send you a Client Engagement Letter which will include: i) the terms of professional service, ii) the amount of the retainer fee required to begin pursuing a resolution of your liability and iii) the type of tax resolution service you are hiring us to conduct.  Once the office has received the signed Client Engagement Letter with payment we will begin a tax analysis and contact you to discuss case strategy.  We begin negotiations as soon as strategy is clear and the necessary financial documents are obtained.  We require a 50% down payment (the retainer fee) at the outset of the representation and will bill the remaining 50% over the subsequent 2-3 months.

Why are upfront fees necessary?

Some taxpayers take the position that fees should be paid once all services have been performed and question why tax resolution fees should be paid upfront.  Personal Tax Solutions, LLC believes that fixed retainer fees allows our company to best serve our clients while still considering their financial constraints and hardships.  With our selected payment method, clients are able to receive advice and strategy discussions on an unrestricted basis that would otherwise result in astronomical billing if our services were billed on a billable hour, flat fee, or contingency fee basis. 

At Personal Tax Solutions, LLC we assure you that our clients benefit from our chosen fee structure as it allows our representatives to spend unlimited hours reviewing a client's financial information for submission, discussing case strategy and updates with our clients in addition to negotiating the case with revenue agencies.  We do not charge fees for client communications and therefore clients enjoy countless conversations with us including letters, emails, and faxes.  Our retainer fees protect both the client’s interest and our investment of time in resolving the tax problem.

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